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Credai kochi Model

CREDAI Kochi Model


CCCM is a community level decentralised waste management system based on aerobic processing of waste. The technology uses Bio-Digester bins or Bio-Digester Pots to convert Municipal Solid Waste to natural fertiliser. The whole process is completed at Apartment complex/Gated community’s basement area.

The CREDAI Clean City Movement, was incorporated as NGO in the year 2007. The movement focus on health, hygiene and safety in solid waste management. By 2013, CCCM has trained and ensured placement for more than 600 women from low income households. Clean City Movement works to create awareness and knowledge in the society for implementing self-contained rejection management system for maintaining hygiene.

Bio Digester Bins

Bio Digester Bins

Segregated waste is collected in bins called Bio-Digester bin and it is decomposed through aerobic process called the Bio-trigger mechanism by spraying bio culture.

Bio digester pot

Bio-Digester Pot

In gated colonies and standalone houses, it is convenient to process bio degradable rejections into compost within 30 days. This is done by depositing it in three tier terracota pots. The compost can be used as organic fertilizer in vegetable or floral gardens

Credai Trash Guard

CREDAI Trash Guard

CREDAI Trash Guard is a decentralised and mechanised technology developed based on Biomethanation with Bio gas as end product and slurry which can be used as organic compost. The Trash Guard is available in 4 variants, based on maximum garbage handling capacity per day. The available capacity of Trash Guard is 35, 50, 80 110 Kilograms.