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CREDAI CSR Awards 2016-17


CREDAI fraternity is socially responsible and has carried-out large amount of Social and Charitable efforts in the area of building Schools, Hospitals, Skill Development, education, Places of Worship, Old Age Homes, Care Centers, Child Centers, Roads and Gardens amongst many others.

CREDAI wishes to move CSR beyond the statutory requirements of the new Companies Act (Section 135): 2% of the average net profits to touch ordinary lives.

Highlighting the public welfare initiatives by CREDAI fraternity would go a long way in bringing about a more positive perception towards the real estate sector.

CREDAI’s CSR Awards instituted in 2015 celebrate and honor real estate sector’s commitment to social development embodying the principles of corporate social responsibility in their business philosophy and operations. The awards acknowledge efforts of the companies that engage in CSR in a strategic and systematic manner and integrate it with their overall philosophy. CREDAI CSR Awards are in the following categories:

Award Categories ( Please tick one of the below given categories )

Eligibility Criteria:

Last Date:

The duly filled-in application form (PART I & PART II) along with the relevant documents must be submitted by email latest by February 17, 2017. The email must reach to ceo@credai.org and reginald@credai.org.

Guidelines for Participation:

Award Assessment Process:

The entries will be evaluated on the basis of the information submitted in the application forms and supporting documentation.

The Top 3 scoring entries from each category will be invited for a jury round, wherein the applicant will need to make a 10 minute presentation in a prescribed format that will be shared along with the invitation.

The scores from the shortlisting process and jury members will be totalled to decide the winner in each category.

Assessment Criteria:

The shortlisting process for member companies will evaluate the entries on the basis of:

The jury round will evaluate the shortlisted entries on the basis of the track record as well as quality of outreach and impact of the programmes related to the category.


The enclosed application form has been divided into the following:


Company Background Information


Application Form:

Part A:

General CSR background of the company- This information does not pertain to any specific socially responsive project or activity but is more generic in nature.

Part B:

Details of Community Programs/Projects undertaken by the company-This would include the various activities undertaken by the Company under the areas given below in the recognized communities. Provide brief descriptions of all CSR programs (irrespective of category) conducted from inception, as provided in Annexure 1.

Part C:

Outline for the report submission – specific to the award category for the period the period April 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016. All points mentioned in the outline must, however, be included in the report, as enumerated in the Annexure 2 in Part C. Please attach an executive summary of each of the projects for which a detailed report is being submitted.




Please refer to the Award Application Docket.

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CREDAI CSR Awards-2015:

CREDAI CSR awards celebrate and honour real estate sector’s commitment to social causes. The awards acknowledge efforts of companies that engage with CSR in a strategic and systematic manner and integrate it into their overall philosophy. CREDAI CSR awards isn’t just about recognising big business for responsible and sustainable practices. It is about rewarding change; building platforms to learn, share and progress ideas; and encouraging the development of engaged and ethical business practices. The Awards aim to recognise any organisation that puts Social Responsibility and CSR at its core, demonstrating its commitment to change

Members of CREDAI fraternity are engaged in a variety of social and charitable activities which touch the lives of the poor and dispossessed.

The CREDAI CSR awards 2015 had the following categories:

For the CSR awards 2015, 53 applications were received out of which 11 companies were honoured with awards and 4 were honoured with letter of appreciation

The winner of each category and the zonal winners are as below:

1. Environmental Impact & Social Infrastructure: Brigade Enterprise

Brigade Group is one of South India's leading property developers, with its headquarters at Bangalore. Brigade has a uniquely diverse multi-domain portfolio that covers property development, property management services, hospitality and education. Brigade Enterprise has been making the difference through its CSR initiatives as corporate citizen in Bangalore and Mysore.

Brigade Enterprise received CREDAI CSR award in the area of Environment Impact for rejuvenating SITHARAMPALYA lake in White field and redevelopment of the SANGOLI RAYANNA park in Malleswaram. Brigade Group also received Social Infrastructure Award for redevelopment of the KEMPEGOWDA playground in Malleswaram and Skywalk on Dr. Rajkuamar Road, Bengaluru.

2. Health and Medical Care & Empowerment of disadvantaged groups: Neptune Developers

Neptune Group was established a decade ago by a group of First Generation Entrepreneurs. Neptune has built one of the Biggest Malls in India-Neptune Magnet Mall and the biggest IT Park of Mumbai Neptune Element.

Neptune Group received CREDAI CSR award in the area of Health and Medical care for its innovative program of Nutritional supplement program to HIV patients. The program provides monthly ration along with a protein bottle to HIV affected couple and HIV affected pregnant women.

3. Skill training and Development: CREDAI Pune Metro

CREDAI Pune Metro in partnership with National Skill Development (NSDC) run KUSHAL, Skill Development training. The program is conceived to improve the skills of constriction workforce in India. The aim of the program is to upgrade the skills of 100,000 construction workers in the next 10 years. Launched in June 2011, this program has run pioneer skill training program for 20,000 construction workers.

4. Education: Bearys Group

Bearys Group was established in the year 1981 as a Real Estate and Construction company.

Bearys Group received CREDAI CSR award in the area of Education for their CSR initiatives towards the community through Development of Government Primary schools, Montessori schools for children, crèche for construction worker children’s and day care centres.

5. Women Empowerment: City Corporation Ltd, Pune

City Group, a Rs. 3000 crore group growing under the strong leadership of highly experienced, successful and renowned personalities started its venture in 1980, venturing in the field of construction since 1994 and various other business fields like Resorts, Engineering, townships, etc.

City Corporation Ltd, Pune, won the CREDAI CSR award under the category Women Empowerment for training women and establishing community level block enterprises and strengthened the financial condition of the family.

6. Child Welfare: Sobha Ltd, Banglore

With over 35 years of building monarchical palaces as well as luxurious villas and hotels in the Middle-East, Mr. P.N.C. Menon embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in India in the year 1994.

Sobha Ltd has won CREDAI CSR award under the category Child Welfare for running Sobha Academy.

The Sobha Academy was started in the year 2007 to empower and enable the rural poor to break away from the vicious circle of poverty, ignorance, deprivation, and exclusion by providing their children with high-quality education. Selection to the Academy is done through an open draw from a list of eligible candidates short-listed after intense research. As of now, 824 students have access to free, quality education as a result of this initiative. Every academic year, 90 students (3 divisions of 30 each) are taken in. Once admitted, all the requirements of the children, including food, transportation, uniforms, books, medical care, etc., are met at no cost.

7. Sports Development/Promotion: Ozone Group, Banglore

Ozone Group has a proven track record of innovation and customer satisfaction in residential condos and serviced apartments, integrated townships, hotels, resorts and business parks. Ozone Group have won CREDAI CSR award for promoting Football at the grass root in the rural areas through Ozone Football academy.

8. Public Awareness Campaigns: Ganesh Housing Corp Ltd, Ahmedabad

GHCL is a leading real estate developer in Ahmedabad. As a leading developer in Ahmedabad, they develop all kinds of properties in Ahmedabad-commercial property, residential property, high rise buildings, etc. Founded by Late Shree Govindbhai C. Patel-Chairman of the group in the 1960s. GHCL won the CREDAI CSR award for Public Awareness Campaigns.

9. Clean Inda-Swachh Bharat: CREDAI Kochi

CREDAI KOCHI has launched a nodal agency called the "CREDAI Clean City Movement", as part of its Social Responsibility programme to manage solid waste. The implementation of the project is to alleviate poverty whereby women from economically weaker section of the Association are given employment.

Certificate of Appreciation

10. CREDAI Rajasthan

11. Real Value Promoters Pvt Ltd.

12. Ramky Estates and Farms Ltd

13. Nirmal lifestyle, Mumbai