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CREDAI Clean City Movement

India generates about 60 million tonnes of trash every year. Ten million tonnes of garbage is generated in just the metropolitan cities and Delhi tops the list with 3.3 Million tonnes per year. The landfills of most of these metros are already overflowing, with no space to accommodate fresh garbage waste. Delhi generates approximately 9000 metric tonnes of solid waste, which is dumped into four major landfill sites. Three of the four landfills in Delhi should have stopped being used between 2005 and 2009. Delhi’s four landfill sites extend over 164 acres, when the current requirement is nearly four times the available area: 650 acres, according to a 2011 report by the Central Pollution Control Board. According to Centre of Science and Environment, instead of constructing new landfill sites, the government should be looking into innovative methods to dispose and recycle its waste.

Even if people learn to dump their garbage at the dhalao (a small garbage dump typically servicing streets of Delhi), emptying these dhalao and transporting the garbage to landfill sites located at one end of the city, day after day, still remains a big issue, since there is barely any space left in landfills.

A decentralised in situ community level solid waste management system hence seems to be the appropriate solution to overflowing landfills in India. This is precisely the CREDAI Clean City Movement (CCCM) model.

Waste Management has always been a focus area for CREDAI and the CREDAI Clean City Movement (CCCM) which originated in Kochi in 2007 is CREDAI's flagship programme on the subject.

The CCCM, an NGO formed as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program was set up in 2007 in the state. Today, the initiative covers more than 650 housing condominiums and 80, 000 apartments and provides employment to about 650 women belonging to the economically backward class. It is no small wonder, therefore, that the CCCM finds mention in the Manual of Waste Management published by the Ministry of Urban development as the most replicable model for handling domestic waste.

A not for profit company, CREDAI Clean City Movement (CCCM) has now been set up under CREDAI National for the promotion of this initiative at the national level, in May 2017. Registered as Section 8 Company on 10th April, under the companies act 2013. With CIN U37200DL2017NPL315835 and allocated PAN number: AAGCC9440B.


During the period of June to October 2017, more than One Lakh homes have been added to the CCCM umbrella.

The Directors of the Company are:

  1. Atul Kumar Rai
  2. Getamber Anand
  3. Jaxay Shah
  4. Boman Rustom Irani
  5. Najeeb Zackeria
  6. Maliakkal Varghese Antony
  7. George Edavomvelil George

The Share Holders of the Company are:

  1. Atul Kumar Rai
  2. Getamber Anand
  3. Rohit Raj Modi

Auditors: SARC & Associates, Chartered Accountants is appointed as the Statutory Auditors of the company for the Financial Year 2017-18.

Company Secretaries: Dinesh Varma & Associates is appointed as the Company secretaries for a period of one year for all compliance related matters.

Scope of Work: The Vision of the Company is to reach One Million Households in Two years across 30 cities.