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Our President, Jaxay Shah inspires Young Builders to become the next future leaders at ‘EVOLVE’ CYW CREST, Belgavi

It has been forty days since I assumed the office of President, CREDAI. I have inherited a great legacy from my seniors- Kumar Gera, Ramani Sastry, Santosh Rungta, Rajni Bhai, Lalit Kumar Jain and my immediate predecessor Getamber Anand. It is their legacy which gives what meaning there is to CREDAI. I am nothing without it. The only way for me to acknowledge my gratitude to this legacy is to enrich it and build upon it.

CREDAI Youth Wing is an integral part of our design to enrich that legacy. CREDAI Youth Wing has been in existence for four years, but it is for the first time that CYW is represented on the National Executive Committee.

* It is for the first time that every Committee at National level has a CYW Coordinator.

* It is for the first time that four Committees have Chairpersons who are CYW members.

* It is for the first time that setting up of new wing of CREDAI- CREDAI Women’s Wing has been entrusted to a CYW member.

* It is for the first time that CYW has benefit of special CREDAI Mentorship Programme.

* It is for the first time there is a decision to support CYW financially.

* It is for the first time that the President of CREDAI has chosen CYW for his first appearance before CREDAI fraternity.

* Friends, CYW has arrived at the National scene with a bang. A big round of applause to you all and to CYW.

CREDAI youth has the good fortune of entering real estate sector at this time. Once upon a time, of the three basic necessities, Roti Kapda aur Makaan, our nation did not even have enough to feed itself. Back in 1966, being forced to import foodgrains from US, our then Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri ji gave the slogan Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan, in an invocation to the farmers to strive for self-sufficiency of food. Today, Roti and Kapda are not the shortages we face as a nation but shelter still eludes those who are less fortunate. Housing for All call by Prime Minister Modi ji, as I see it, is directed to the CREDAI youth to become soldiers in the cause of building a roof over every head.

I have been President only 40 days. Out of these 40 days, I have been out of my home for 22 days travelling in the cause of CREDAI. I am here at Belgavi and shall return just in time for my flight abroad. I am not saying this to highlight what I am sacrificing. The opposite is true. I am here because it would help build the CREDAI and hopefully the nation that we want.

There is a game changing environment to support us. Isn’t it a sign of support that our manifesto had the good fortune of being launched at the hands of my mentor Sh. M. Venkaiah Naidu, Union Minister for Urban Development and Housing at Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad on April 9.

Manifesto contains explicit targets in Skill development, consumer redressal grievance forum, clean city, digital economy, and internal reforms. These are all directed at you. The question is are you up to it? The question is would you seize the opportunity. I want a big yes. Would you please give me that BIG YES.

I am often asked what CREDAI being a business organization has to do with skill development, Clean India and the like. Let me say that the era of business organization working towards for maximization of profits for their owners is well behind us.

In the twenty-first century, businesses have to recognize that they are social enterprises where private profiteering at the cost of the stakeholders would not be allowed to subsist. Therefore, our agenda for skill development, solid waste management, green buildings are all strategic interventions for real estate to survive and grow.

A few words about the theme EVOLVE. Evolution is a fact but evolve is a verb. The question before us is how do we evolve. The great secret of evolution is not competition but cooperation. Those species which have confronted their environments are all extinct. Those that adapt to their environment survive. Those which cooperate with each other survive. CREDAI is our attempt to foster cooperation and unity.

So far meetings of CREDAI have been confined to metros and in some cases to state capitals. Therefore, it is a very pleasant surprise that being neither, Belgavi is hosting a national event. I am myself from non-metro. I well understand the challenges involved. But if I can make it, so can you.

I wish to proclaim from here in Belgavi today that as far as CREDA is concerned, being from tier 2 and tier 3 cities would never be a disqualification or a hindrance. I hope this pioneering event here proves that Belgavi is no less than Bengaluru and shall never be.

My compliments to Qais Noorani. His name contains two powerful symbols of love and light respectively. One cannot wish more for CREDAI, CREST and Evolve. Let love and light be our guiding forces to evolve into what we wish to become.”